ReBIRD™ is design for circularity – the home for all our initiatives in care and repair, resale and upcycling.

We design for the future we hope to inhabit, where nothing is left to waste.

Let’s keep life cycling like it does in nature, beyond a single user, adventure or season.

Possibility in place of landfill.

ReBIRD is divided into three categories: ReCARE, ReGEAR and ReCUT.

ReCARE™ makes it easy to take care of your gear. So it can continue to take care of you.

Ensuring your things last is the simplest way to care for our planet.

We invoke the power of care and repair, through support, service and tips, to scale small gestures of preservation to great effect.

It’s the art of care that makes your gear last.

Product Care

ReGEAR™ gets used gear back in action.

Rewilding your gear lowers the footprint of every adventure.

We take back gear that isn’t being used, and refurbish it with the same obsessive design that built it, to extend its active life beyond one adventure or user.

Relentlessly good gear, refreshed and returned to the wild.

Trade In via Customer Support

ReCUT™ diverts rescued textiles into unique and coveted pieces.

From rubbish to resource, ReCUT™ is the act of creating new paths out of dead-ends.

Redirected remnants and unusable garments are crafted into ready-made statements.

Created by ingenuity, inspired by what’s at hand and limited by nature.

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