ReGear™ - Trade In

Arc'teryx ReGear

Send in your used gear and we will ensure it finds a use. By returning your Arc'teryx product to our ReGear Program, you will earn a voucher valued at 20% of the original price of the Arc'teryx item you're returning. 

The process for our ReGear program works the following way:

  1. Send an enquiry below with the subject "ReGear Program"

  2. Our customer service team will send you an e-mail, asking for a picture of the product care tag and picture of jacket

  3. Once we've received the images. We will confirm the product retail price, and let you know the value of the credit that you would receive with the trade-in (20% of full Australian retail price).

  4. If you agree to the credit, we will send you a RA number and instructions for you to return your used gear to Arc'teryx.

  5. Within 3 business days of receiving the product, Arc'teryx will send you your voucher, usable only on


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