Arc'teryx is proud of the quality and performance of all our products. Items covered under our Limited Warranty will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Arc'teryx for the practical product lifespan. Product damaged through wear and tear, misuse, or neglect may be repaired at a reasonable price.

Fill out our online Product Service Request Form and we will email you with full instructions on how to send your product to our Product Service Centre.

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Note: Please do not send your item back to us without first obtaining a Return Authorisation Number (RA Number). We cannot process returns without the RA Number.

Please select a guaranteed delivery service that provides parcel tracking information, insurance and proof of delivery. Arc’teryx is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping and cannot replace parcels lost during return shipment if proof of tracking is unavailable.


How long does this Limited Warranty last and what is covered?

Packs (other than Voltair Airbag and related accessories) - Practical Product Lifespan (defined below)

Footwear (other than ski boots) - 1 year from date of purchase

Climbing Gear - 2 years from date of purchase

Voltair Airbag Battery - 1 year from date of purchase

Accessories - Practical Product Lifespan (defined below)

Apparel - Practical Product Lifespan (defined below)

Voltair Airbag (excludes battery) - 1 year from date of purchase

Ski Boots - 1 year from date of purchase

Certain conditions and exclusion apply. See full Limited Warranty for details

What does Practical Product Lifespan mean?

Practical Product Lifespan means the usual and customary wearable life of the product.  The Practical Product Lifespan does not mean for your lifetime or mean a time period that is indefinite. The manner in which the product is used directly impacts the usual and customary wearable life of the product, as materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will also wear.

Arc’teryx products are designed for long life and durability, if care instructions are followed carefully. If your product appears worn out, then it may be time to replace your product and we hope that Arc’teryx will be a part of your next buying decision. Practical Product Lifespan will be determined in the reasonable discretion of an authorized Arc’teryx Customer Service representative who shall take into account at least the following factors: the type and nature of the product, the nature of the use of the product, nature of the product issue involved, and age of the product. The Arc’teryx Customer Service representative may require consumer information in order to make the foregoing determination and may not be able to make a determination without such accurate information from the consumer.

What is not covered under the Limited Warranty?

This limited warranty does not cover and Arc’teryx is not responsible for:

1. Damages caused by misuse, abuse, or by accident or negligence.
2. Failure to observe care instructions including incorrect laundering.
3. Damage caused by rips, cuts or tears.
4. Burns and abrasions.
5. Down and/or feather migration and pull-through.
6. Normal wear and tear.
7. Cosmetic damage (i.e., minor scratches, surface deformations, or discoloration) including natural fading of colors.
8. Unauthorized modification or alteration including any repair done outside of Arc’teryx customer service.
9. Products with removed or defaced holograms, date codes, or tags.
10. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers (including, without limitation, products purchased through (i) third party auction sites,  (ii) unauthorized dealers selling via third party marketplaces, or (iii) dealers selling altered or modified products).
11. Counterfeit products.
12. Products purchased “used”, “as-is”, “without warranty”.
13. Any damages arising after the warranty period.

How do I make a Product Service Request?

To begin a Product Service Request, visit: and fill out the online Product Service Request form, together with the acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to the terms of the Limited Warranty.

After receiving the completed form, Arc’teryx will email you a confirmation of receipt. After reviewing the form Arc’teryx will follow up with next steps; which may include a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and shipping instructions

How long will it take if I send my product to the Product Service Centre for assessment and/or repair?

We do our best to repair your gear efficiently. Our turnaround time—from the time we receive your product to the time we ship it back to you — is typically 6 weeks. Please keep in mind that this timeline is subject to change and that the summer is our busiest season.

We will send you email updates when:

o You complete the product service request form
o When we receive your product at our Melbourne Warehouse 
o When we have begun your product repair
o When your product has been repaired and shipped back to you. We will also provide tracking details

What to do once I receive my Return Authorization Number (RA#)?

After receiving a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and shipping instructions you must then ship your product to the address provided by Customer Service, referencing your Return Authorization Number (RA#), as directed by Arc’teryx Customer Service.

In order to comply with health and safety regulations, as well as for the protection of our staff, we kindly ask that all products be freshly laundered before being sent to us. Products that arrive unwashed will be subject to a wash fee before assessments can be made. To find out how to properly clean your garment, please visit the Product Care page.

What will happen once my product has been received?

An Arc’teryx Service Representative will examine your product. We reserve the right to perform testing to determine if your product is subject to the warranty.

What happens if my product is not approved for warranty?

If we determine that your product is not covered by this limited warranty, then we will return your product to you, or if possible, repair your product at a reasonable price. You will be notified of a repair proposal before we begin the repair process. If you reject the repair proposal, the product will be returned to you; provided, Arc’teryx reserves the right not to return product that Arc’teryx determines is unsafe for use for its intended purpose without such repair.

What happens if my product is approved for warranty?

If Arc’teryx determines that your product is subject to this warranty, Arc’teryx will, during the warranty period, at its sole discretion: (1) repair the product at no charge for labour or parts, (2) replace the product with the same model product, (3) replace the product with a comparable product should your product be discontinued or otherwise unavailable.

How are shipping costs handled?

Arc'teryx will cover the return shipping costs for all warranty related cases. Arc’teryx is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping and cannot replace parcels lost during return shipment if proof of delivery is unavailable.

What happens if I’m unresponsive throughout the Warranty/Repair process?

We’ll try our absolute best to get in contact with you. If our Service Department doesn’t hear from you within 60 days from the last point of contact and determines that your product is not unsafe to use in its unrepaired condition, we will ship your product(s) back to the address that was indicated on the initial Product Service Request Form. If your product is returned to you and you still want to have it assessed, please complete and submit a new Product Service Request Form to get the process re-started.

Do alterations void my warranty?

Unauthorized modification or alteration including any repair done outside of Arc’teryx Customer Service is not covered by the Limited Warranty.

How do I determine the name of the garment/item that I currently own?

Please note, CA#34438 is our manufacturing number which is written on all Arc’teryx made products. This is not a specific product identification number
There are 2 main ways to find the name of a product you own depending upon the age of the product:

1) As of Autumn 2017, Arc’teryx started including the name of the specific product on the white care label on each garment. This allows you to conveniently identify your product.

2) If your product was designed before Autumn 2017, you can locate a four or five-digit model number on one of the tags. These can then be emailed to us, or you can call us with any of these numbers and we will attempt to identify which product you are referring to. Alternatively, you can email us a picture of your item and we will endeavor to identify the product for you.

As part of the Arc’teryx voluntary Procline recall, how can I return my procline boots?

Procline boots are to be returned directly to Arc'teryx for repair. Please visit for more information.


If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the customer support centre please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives and we will help answer your questions.

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