Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Every delivery is carbon neutral


Using the Shopify Planet app, we ensure that all deliveries made from purchases from our ecommerce stores are carbon neutral.

Every month, the Planet App calculates the total shipping emissions generated by our orders and we pay to neutralise the emissions created by the orders.

From Shopify: “With Planet, Shopify stores become drivers for change. Every time an order is processed and shipped, a small contribution is made to purchase carbon removal credits from companies that are a part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund, creating technologies and solutions that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it long term.”

Neutralising our carbon emissions through carbon removal is more expensive then financing carbon offsets projects, but it plays an important part in our fight to a better future. If we could offset all future emissions, there would still be too much in the air right now.

As Shopify describes: “…we need more demand to get better pricing, but we need better pricing to get more demand. How do we solve this puzzle? By intentionally overpaying for carbon sequestration to kickstart the demand.

This industry has the potential to spur innovation just like fossil fuels did. Except this time, the externality is not pollution. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s saving the planet.”

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