Microplastic in Fabric

Photos: OceanWise


Microplastic pollution is an emerging environmental concern with particular relevance to oceans and waterways. Research shows that high concentrations of microplastic fibres are now being found in marine environments near cities, with one probable source being shedding from synthetic apparel during use and laundering. We use a range of synthetic and natural textiles in our products, and are actively working to understand the link between specific textiles and microplastic pollution.

Image of microplastic under microscope

Over the past year and a half Arc’teryx has contributed to a research project led by OceanWise , a global conservation organisation, on marine environmental pollution by microfibers from textile shedding. The team of scientists behind the project recently wrote a summary of the findings to date.

Microfibers in the ocean

While there is still much work to be done to address this growing problem, the interim results are promising and will help guide the garment industry towards more responsible textile selections. Our goal continues to be contributing to solution-oriented designs, practices and choices in this space. You can learn more about our take on tackling microplastics on our Sustainability page.




The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is the first pragmatic solution to prevent microplastic pollution from washing synthetic clothes.