Do Right Days - Mountain Safety Collective

Do Right Days - Mountain Safety Collective


On the 13th of July, we will be donating 50% of our sales (from our Australian and New Zealand Websites plus our Arc’teryx Retail Stores in Australia) to support the Mountain Safety Collective (MSC), a not-for-profit user group organisation for human powered alpine sports in Australia.

MSC delivers Backcountry Condition Bulletins. They offer a place to go for the latest backcountry conditions in the Vic and NSW alps, in one single easy view.

The goal of the condition reports provided are to alert backcountry users to the prevailing dangers with the hope of curbing the rate of incidents. In short we aim to better inform the backcountry community, through the sharing of basic information, to ultimately save life and limb.

Mountain Safety Collective

What MSC Does:

MSC delivers up to date observations, specifically on snow conditions, that people travelling into un-patrolled alpine environments should consider in regards to their travel safety. Whether you are on skis, snowboard, snowshoes or trusty old walking boots, the bulletin delivers info on what snow conditions to expect, and any relevant safety precautions to consider when travelling in snow bound terrain.

How MSC Works:

MSC harnesses a network of specialists with vast experience in interpreting snow and weather conditions and potential hazards. The core network consists of Ski Patrol organisations from the relevant alpine areas, Meteorological sources, a Canadian-qualified Avalanche Forecaster, and an 'In the field' network based on voluntary observations. It is admittedly an ambitious project. No small task. MSC archives and cross references weather events with previous observations which will ultimately help better understand the degree of accuracy with which they are reporting.

Arc'teryx has worked with MSC for the past 3 years for various collaborations, and today we’re proud to support them with our Do Right Day.

Learn More About MSC here.

*Important Note from MSC about using their website and resources:

The Mountain Safety (formerly Mountain Sports Collective) is an Australian community led snow safety initiative to help better inform backcountry users of the prevailing weather and snowpack conditions. Anything that you read in the following webpages has been supplied to you the user in good faith. We have undertaken to the best of our endeavour given the conditions to provide meaningful conditions reports. We are however reporting on a dynamic environment and between observation both in the field and of various models and other data we can get it wrong. You acknowledge that you willingly view the reports that we warned may be inaccurate, in some cases lacking sufficient data to provide confident reporting. Regardless, in Australia we have at best sparse data and the knowledge and experience to self assess alpine hazards that is crucial to your own safety. In the mountains you are responsible for the decisions you make. Take care out there.