Layer Like A Pro

Layers are the instruments of keeping you dry, warm and using your energy efficiently.

Put into the right systems, a good sequence of layers provides you with weather protection, moves moisture away from your skin, conserves or dissipates heat, and does this in the least amount of time. 


Shells are the most weather protective layer, most often worn on the outside of all other layers. Evaluate your environment, expected output level and typical conditions when making your selection.

GORE-TEX shells are fully waterproof, windproof and breathable.


When selecting insulation type, consider weight and weather conditions.

Down - provides the highest warmth-to-weight value and packs small, but it is best suited to cool and dry conditions.

Synthetic - materials remain warm when damp, are more abrasion resistant but less compact and heavier than down.

Base Layer

Your first layer, worn next-to-skin to provide warmth and quickly move moisture away from your skin.

Lighter weights are best for warm conditions and/or high output levels. Heavier weights for cool conditions or lower output.