For what's to come

During times of uncertainty, we explore both the deepest parts of ourselves and the enduring beauty of the wild. We lean into the unknown and onto each other. We are seekers, looking not only for answers to our questions, but for new questions. Every experience is a shared moment to embrace and shape our future.

As time moves us forward, we are constantly faced with challenge and change. Opportunities to learn, to grow, to evolve. Evolution is equal parts anticipation and persistence.

Connected by the unifying tension between what is and what could be, we curiously reach to uncertainty with the risk of failure. One courageous step at a time, we begin to make the impossible, possible. We are together for what’s to come.

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Success is built on learning from the past. Triumphs and failures. What works and what doesn’t. Each attempt brings a chance to grow, to adapt. We work towards creating a new version, an iterative response to our environment. Something which has yet to exist. Something that is built for what’s to come.

Alannah Yip


Humans are curious creatures. We are seekers and surveyors. We are linked by trade, travel and the Internet, all with skills and stories to share. Growth comes through collective learning, not from a single person or an individual moment.

We’ve developed a language, a way to share information beyond passing our ever-evolving genetic code. When we listen to nature and each other, we can be ready for what’s to come.

Chad Sayers


We are budding leaves on an ancient tree, connected by branches to each other, to our evolutionary ancestors. Unique in our own desires and strengths, bonded by commonalities. Family. We carry one another. Individual parts united to form new possibilities. Poised and determined to shape a better tomorrow, we are together for what’s to come.

Janelle, Mark and Seyla