Imitation is a form of flattery. In those terms, the manufacturing world is full of compliments. Counterfeit knock-offs of Arc'teryx products are common and many are very well done. As convincing as the impostors may be however, when purchasing an important piece of equipment, it is reassuring to confirm authenticity. Counterfeit products are most often made with inferior materials in illegal operations. These factories bypass rules and regulations designed to safeguard workers and the environment, causing harm to both. Additionally we often see fraudulent websites which claim to sell authorized Arc'teryx products, websites which often look quite authentic.

Arc’teryx is constantly monitoring online auction sites as well as fraudulent websites to protect our customers as well as the Arc’teryx name. If you have found or, worse yet, actually purchased a counterfeit Arc’teryx product, please report it. Send an e-mail to us at We will follow up with you with the appropriate information depending on the situation.


How to spot a fraudulent website

The bottom line: If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Invest in the real thing; you deserve it. If you are on another company’s website, do some research on them or contact us to see if they are an authorized dealer of ours. Most fraudulent websites won’t actually list any detailed contact information; you will likely not be able to find a phone number, email or business location. If the website you are looking to order from has the word ‘Arcteryx’ included in the domain name and it’s not one of the sites listed below, it is almost certainly a fraudulent site. Additionally, any sites with web domains containing “sale”, “outlet” or “clearance” as well as “Arcteryx” are most definitely fraudulent.

If you are on our website, use the “Find a Store” feature on any product page to view a list of reputable dealers or buy direct from Arc'teryx by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

How to determine if a suspicious product is fraudulant

In order to benefit from the best performance of our designs, construction and materials, ensure that your purchase is authentic. The Arc'teryx warranty only applies to genuine products; we cannot honor anything that is not produced by us. Please evaluate your choice carefully.

Arc'teryx standards are high. From design through to manufacture, all products undergo extensive testing and research, strict quality control inspections and standardized retail representation. It is important to us to produce and deliver the best possible, in all respects.

Arc’teryx gear is unique and has always had a distinct look to it, with clean lines and minimalist construction. Keeping this in mind many of the counterfeit products we have seen look nothing like products we have ever produced. Researching the model you are looking to purchase online to compare other images is always a good idea, and will often quickly identify counterfeit products.

While we consider the vast majority of the counterfeits we see obviously not our products, there are a few models which are very close copies that often require expert analysis to determine authenticity. Be extra vigilant when purchasing the following models:

Gamma MX Jacket/Hoody
Gamma LT Jacket/Hoody
Cerium LT Jacket/Hoody
Thorium AR Jacket/Hoody
Atom AR Hoody

Read below for a brief list of features that often separate authentic and counterfeit Arc’teryx products.


Logos: Tidy, precise, tightly stitched, visually match the brand standard and Arc'teryx is spelled correctly – watch for the apostrophe.


Velcro tabs: Tapered shape, supple material, no excess decoration or rubberized tabs.



Zippers: High quality YKK or Vislon zippers only, with colour matched powder coated sliders.

Lamination: Check for seam tape that is narrow, pliable and cleanly applied. Technicians in our factories are highly skilled, disciplined workers, capable of difficult constructions.

Genuine hangtags: All products are labelled as well as branded, stitched in place and consistent.



What to do if you have come across a fraudulant dealer or product

If you have found or, worse yet, actually purchased a counterfeit Arc’teryx product, please report it. Send an e-mail to us at and to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at , or phone the CAFC at (705) 494-3620. With an attestation from us that your product is counterfeit, you can usually get your money back through Visa or MasterCard (subject to time limits) or from your bank if you paid by debit card. Just call the number on the back of your credit card to start a claim.

If you are still concerned about the authenticity of a retailer or dealer, contact Customer Service via our website contact form or by phone 1800 651 872 and we will check our database for you.


If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the customer support centre please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives and we will help answer your questions.

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