Do Right Days – Protecting the Western Wonders and the Greater Glider in Victoria

Do Right Days – Protecting the Western Wonders and the Greater Glider in Victoria


We’re partnering with Victoria National Parks Association, a charity that stands up for nature. On the 23rd of July, we will be donating 50% of sales from our Australian online store to support their objective: creating 60,000 hectares of new national parks to protect forests in Victoria’s central west – including the Wombat, Wellsford, Pyrenees Ranges, and Mount Cole forests.

The objective: creating 60,000 hectares of new national parks

Sadly, more than 1.4 million hectares of Victoria’s landscapes were burnt over Summer. Protecting our remaining unburnt forest is, therefore, now more important than ever.

Australia’s largest gliding mammal, the Greater Glider, depends on these forests for survival. Some of their most significant remaining forest habitat is in the Wombat Forest, in central-western Victoria. There are 380 other threatened species that rely on the forests of Victoria’s central west, too.

Despite their sheer size – reaching up to one metre in length – Greater Gliders are designed for flight. Their family groups rely on old hollow-bearing trees for shelter and nesting. Recognisable by their large, teddy bear-like furry ears, these gliding nocturnes are well-loved by Victorians and visitors alike. It is estimated that the Victorian bushfires in areas like East Gippsland reduced the Greater Glider population by at least twenty-five per cent.

The support for Victorian National Parks Association will help prepare scientifically-based information on conservation, the value of parks, bushfire prevention and the damage caused by logging. It will fund the work needed to provide informed media content to counter myths about logging and fires, and promote informed decisions. Your support will help provide solid, science-based input to the logging, conservation, and fire management planning and operations.

Furthermore, your voice can play a leading role in this fight as well. Tell the Government that they can and must support this rare opportunity to protect the natural wonders of the central west by signing the following petition:

- The Arc'teryx Australia Team

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