Outdoor Education Foundation - Do Right Days

Outdoor Education Foundation - Do Right Days


On October 30th, we will be donating 50% of all online sales to the Outdoor Education Foundation, supporting the Women of the Wild program. We believe that Arc’teryx can be a force for positive change. We create this change not only by improving the practices in our core operations, but by supporting projects and partners that align with our values. 

Outdoor Education Foundation

The Outdoor Education Foundation believes that all young people should be real world ready. This means ready for a rapidly changing and unpredictable future where resilience, strength and health will be crucial for tackling the challenges of life. Outdoor education provides powerful, life changing experiences to young people. A key outcome is developing self-belief, life-skills and the motivation to achieve more than they believed possible. The Outdoor Education Foundation engages young people in life-changing outdoor education experiences that are professionally facilitated and which build the critical life skills of human interaction, including self-belief, confidence, empathy, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and creativity – skills that help set them up for life.

The Women of the Wild programs are intentionally designed, and professionally facilitated outdoor education programs for students living in rural/regional communities. Research informs us that rural/regional young people face additional challenges in their journey towards adulthood, compared to their metropolitan counterparts (VicHealth, 2018). These challenges have been attributed to a lack of access to mental health services, transport, reliable internet, education and jobs, and have been linked to the creation of a mental well-being gap between the city and rural areas. Our own data informs us that these programs have had a significant positive impact in areas such as self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, cooperation, communication, problem solving, emotional intelligence, resilience and physical well-being.

The Details

Students in Years 6 and 8 from the community of Yea and Mansfield; small country towns in north-eastern Victoria, are being offered the opportunity to participate in intentionally designed outdoor education programs in 2019. The programs last between five (junior students) and eight (senior students) days in length and are conducted in the magnificent Victorian High Country. Professional staff from The Outdoor Education Group accompany these students. 

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